New Reservoir Popovica
Excavation for Reservoir
Concreting Wall Segment of Reservoir
Completed Reservoir
Project sign
House Connection of the Water Supply Network
Remote water meters reading by radio

Water Supply in South East Kosovo (WSSEK)

High-quality water and sanitation services and improved governance of water and energy resources contribute to the living condition of the population, higher resilience to climate change and an improved state of the environment.
The former reservoir on Popovica Hill was dilapidated and of minimal capacity (500 m3) to accommodate the functions of a balancing reservoir in the water supply system of Gjilan. The new reservoir with a capacity of 4000m3 increases the resistance of the water supply system.
The drinking water supply and the water quality in Ferizaj was improved in two central neighborhoods through network rehabilitation and network extension. The methods of District Network Management were applied to attain sustainable results.


Construction of a new drinking water reservoir (4'000 m3) Popovica in Gjilan and drinking water network rehabilitation and extension in Ferizaj.


2012 - 2014


Gjilan and Ferizaj, Kosovo

    Gjilan - Reservoir Popovica

  • Turn-key construction of reservoir with 3'000 m3

  • Mechanical and electro technical equipment

  • Automation and Telecontrol System and Process Instrumentation

  • 3 connecting pipes to distribution network (PE and Steel)

  • Ferizaj

  • Main pipelines and house connections for drinking water network in Ferizaj

  • Installation of 2'500 water meters

  • Equipment for remote reading of water meters

  • 14.2 km of HDPE/RC pipes from OD32 to OD280 PN10