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Clarifiers - Cleaning works
Dismantling of Existing old Clarifiers
Screen Building - Dismantling and demolition works
Administration Building and Sand Traps- Ongoing rehabilitation works
Site Inspection: FELA Site Engineers and the Client
Clarifiers - Dismantling works
Screen Channels - Dismantling works
Sand Traps - Dismantling works
Bio Ponds / Inlet Maturation - Ongoing rehabilitation
Bio Ponds - Ongoing rehabilitation works
Clarifiers - Ongoing rehabilitation works
Bio Ponds - Ongoing rehabilitation works
Clarifiers - Wet blasting of the existing structure
Bio Ponds - Ongoing rehabilitation works
Sand Trap - High pressure water cleaning
Bio Ponds - Inlet Maturation ongoing rehabilitation works
Ongoing rehabilitation works Sand Traps and Clarifiers
Screen Channels - Wet blasting
Sand Classifier - Concrete platform
Sludge - Pipeline Laying
Delivery and installation of Transformer Station
Delivery and installation of Transformer Station
Well / Water Supply - Pipeline Laying
Well / Water Supply - Pipeline Laying
Workshop - Ongoing Rehabilitation works

WWTP Khujand, Tajikistan

Generally, urban water supply and sanitation in Tajikistan is in bad condition due to the lack of maintenance since the break-up of the Soviet Union. EBRD and SECO started cooperation on water projects in Tajikistan in 2004 with the Khujand Water Supply Project Phase I. The City of Khujand (population 167'000) is the second largest city of Tajikistan. The project phase I was completed in 2008 and yielded promising results. Therefore, the EBRD and the SECO approved a second phase in 2009. Thanks to these two phases, the conditions of the water supply systems have improved substantially, while the wastewater sector is still in a very bad state therefore EBRD and SECO started the programme Khujand water supply improvement programme phase III which includes 3 Lot's and the contract for LOT-1 & LOT-2 is awarded to our company FELA Planungs AG from Switzerland for Rehabilitation of existing Wastewater Treatment plant (WWTP) LOT-1 and Rehabilitation of Pond System and Auxiliary Structures LOT-2.

The existing WWTP was built in the 1970’s. The mechanical and biological units are out of operation for more than 10 years. All electro-mechanical equipment has either been removed or is completely dilapidated and non-functional.
Expected results after implementation of the project will be a fully functioning Waste Water Treatment Plant and the impact of the project will improve living conditions and economic opportunities for the population of the city of Khujand.


Rehabilitation of Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) and Rehabilitation of Pond System and Auxiliary Structures in Khujand. Supply and Installation of Equipment and Related Civil Works LOT 1 & LOT-2. In the frame work of Khujand water supply improvement programme (phase III)


September 2018 - September 2019


Khujand City, , Tajikistan

Civil Works:

    • Inlet structure, Screen building (coarse and fine screens) and admin complex.

    • Sand traps, Sand classifier and flow measurements.

    • Sludge pumping station including scum pit

    • Primary Clarifier

    • Bio-Ponds and Auxiliary Structures

Mechanical Installation:

    • 7 Penstocks, 3 coarse screens, 3 fine screens, belt conveyer, screening press

    • 12 Penstocks, 4 Sand Pumps + 1 mobile

    • 4 Sludge Pumps

    • 4 Primary clarifier with circular scrapers incl. swimming sludge removal system

    • Flow Measurements

Electrical and Control:

    • PCS/SCADA system

    • Internal, external electrical networks incl. cabinets / panels

    • Unitized transformer substation, power 10 kV / Transformer capacity 400 kVA

    • Power Transformer, 35 kV capacity 4000, 6300 kVA

Piping Networks:

    • Sludge Pipeline

    • Sewerage Network

    • Water Supply Network



Khujand Water Company (KWC)

Financed by:

Government of the Swiss Confederation, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)


HOLINGER - International Consultants