Settling Tank
Electrical Installation
Overview December 2015
Aeration tanks with blower room
Aeration Tank
Water Tightness Test
Settling Tank
Aeration Tank
Placing of Formwork for Aeration Tank
Blower Station
Screening Room
Grit Chamber
Settling Tank
Chain Scraper
Construction of Flood Protection Wall

WWTP Gevgelija


Design and build of the water line of Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Gevgelija with a capacity of 30'000 Population Equivalent (PE).


July 2014 - September 2017


Gevgelija, Albania

  • Inlet/Outlet structure

  • Raw water pumping station

  • Mechanical Treatment including Screening Plant and Aerated Grit Chamber

  • Biological Reactors for Conventional Activated Sludge Treatment

  • Secondary Settling Tanks

  • SCADA System for WWTP (including Sludge Line)

  • Construction of the flood protection wall along Konjska River

  • Process control and measurement equipment

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