28th District
28th District
Rehabilitated Pumping Station
28th District
28th District
Old Pumping Station before Rehabilitation
Charkhim Well Field
Charkhim Well Field
Charkhim Well Field
Charkhim Well Field
Isolated Wellhead Box
Charkhim Well Field
Charkhim Well Field
Installed Wellhead
Pumping Station Electro Room
Charkhim Well Field
Charkhim Well Field

Well and Network Pumps Kimiki

Officially, 62% of the rural population in Uzbekistan has access to safe drinking water and less than 30% to sewerage systems; the needs are still significant. The drinking water infrastructure was mainly built during the soviet times and is in bad condition. The rehabilitation of the water supply system in Samarkand will provide safe drinking water to urban and rural residents and provide tools for the management of the water resources.


Design, Delivery and installation of potable water pumps and acillary equipment at Charkhim Well Field and Network Pumping Station 28th District in Kimiki. In the frame of the Bukhara Samarkand Water Supply Project.


February 2011 - March 2012


Kimiki, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Mechanical Installation

    • 4 drinking water network pumps with capacity of each 150m3/h, 5bar for pumping station 28th district

    • Complete hypochlorite chlorination station

    • 6 Groundwater Wells with pump capacity of each 60m3/h, 6bar for wellfield Charkhim

    • Piping incl. Valves, Flow Meter etc.

    • Installation of well boxes

Electrical Installation

    • 2 x Transformer station for pumping station 6kV/400V

    • Frequency inverters, switchboards and cabling for pumping station and well fields

Automation and Control

  • Pump control system including SCADA and PLC


Samarkand Municipal Production Enterprise “Suvokova”

Financed by:

Government of the Swiss Confederation, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)


Basler & Hoffmann AG