Rehabilitated pumping station and clarifier tanks with new scrapers and
Rehabilitation of clarifier crest
Start-up of new installed clarifier
Screening building before rehabilitation
Dismantling of screening building
Construction of new roof for pumping station

WWTP Osh, Kyrgyzstan

Over 20 years after independence of Kyrgyzstan, basic infrastructure has been continuously deteriorating because of inefficient management, lack of preventive maintenance and reduced capital investments. The waste water treatment plant in Osh was designed in 1969 based on a conventional activated sludge process. The treatment efficiency of the WWTP was poor because the mechanical treatment was only partially in operation condition and the activated sludge treatment was not operated properly. With the rehabilitation of the mechanical treatment the effluent efficiency is improved and the pre-condition for the rehabilitation of the biological treatment is set.


Rehabilitation of Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Osh. Supply and Installation of Equipment and Related Civil Works LOT 3.1 and LOT3.2. In the frame work of Osh Water and Wastewater Rehabilitation Project (OWRP).


October 2013 - December 2015


Osh City, Kyrgyzstan

Civil Works:

    • Concrete Rehabilitation of fine screen channels and settling tanks

    • Rehabilitation of complete screening building with operators room and sludge pumping station

    • Concrete rehabilitation of primary clarifier

Mechanical Installation:

    • 6 Penstocks, 3 coarse screens, 3 fine screens, belt conveyer, screening press

    • Sand pumps, PEDH piping and sand dewatering unit

    • 4 primary clarifier with circular scrapers incl. swimming sludge removal system

    • Complete sludge pumping station incl. PEDH piping and valves

    • Inflow measurement

Automation and Control:

    • SCADA System

    • Monitoring and control equipment

Additional Services:

    • Generator Set


Osh Municipal Enterprise "Oshgorvodokanal"

Financed by:

Government of the Swiss Confederation, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), admin. by EBRD


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