Termal substation ready in workshop
SCADA room
Installed TS

Thermal Substations Karl Marx and Bazhenova, Vinnytsia

Energy security is a major policy issue in Ukraine, and its dependency on external supplies is exacerbated by the low efficiency of energy use. In the city of Vinnytsia the "European Energy Award municipal energy management system" was successfully introduced in order to enhance the living conditions of the population and the energy independence of the country. The optimization of the district heating system operation for thermal substations improves the consumers' service standard and the energy efficiency.


Procurement of Thermal Substations (TS), SCADA system components and associated services for Karl Marx and Bazhenova district in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. In the frame work of the Energy Efficiency Vinnitsa Project.


June 2013 - November 2014


Karl Marx and Bazhenova, Vinnytsia, Ukraine

    Supply of:

  • 51 factory assembled Thermal Substations for Karl Marx district

  • 49 factory assembled Thermal Substations for Bazhenova district

  • Hydraulic and electrical connections between the different frames of the TS

  • Automation and Control:

  • Implementation of SCADA system

  • 1 Server and 2 operation stations

  • Network cable connection to all Thermal Substations

  • Additional Services:

  • Supervising of the connecting the TS to the utility network

  • Testing and commissioning

  • Training of operating staff