Installed pre-instulated pipes.
Installed pre-instulated pipes.
Delivered Pre-Insulated Pipes for district heating system.

Procurement of pre-insulated pipes for Tarnogrodskogo, Vinnytsia

Energy security is a major policy issue in Ukraine, and its dependency on external supplies is exacerbated by the low efficiency of energy use. In the city of Vinnytsia the "European Energy Award municipal energy management system" was successfully introduced in order to enhance the living conditions of the population and the energy independence of the country. The optimization of the district heating system with installation of pre-insulated pipes improves the consumers' service standard and the energy efficiency.


Ennergy Efficiency Vinnytsia Project: Procurement of pre-insulated system elements (pipes) and associated services for Zulinskiy (Tarnogrodskogo) district in Vinnytsia.


March 2016 - October 2016


Vinnytsia, Tarnogrodskogo, Ukraine

    Supply of:

  • 15’454 m Steel pre-insulated pipes for underground laying

  • 478 m Polyethylene pre-insulated pipes

  • 532 m SPIRO pipes for on-ground laying

  • 115 m non insulated steel pipes

  • 55 m Steel pipes with "heavy duty" type insulation

  • Additional Service:

  • Training for installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and repairs

  • Supervision of the goods assembly on site and of the commissioning

  • Local insulatation with polyurethane foam and end insulation

  • Installation, testing and commissioning of the leakage monitoring system.

  • Review and approvalof pipe stress calculation