Installation of new crane
Investigation of existing roof installation of ventilation
Investigation of existing roof installation of ventilation
New Piping for hypochlorite to injection point 700 m
Internal partitions walls according to local rules
Front Facade of existing building to be rebuilt
Back Facade of existing building to be rebuilt
Skid-1 Water Softener Front
Skid-1 Water Softener Back
Skid-2 Softened water heat and pump-side
Skid-3 Sat-Brine Pump-Filter front with pump
Skid-3 Sat-Brine Pump-Filter Side
Skid 4-1+8-1 Electrolyzer acid washing back
Skid 4-1+8-1 Electrolyzer acid washing side
Skids 5-1 to 5-4 Air blowers-front
Skids 6 Dosing LCP102-front
Skids 6 Dosing LCP102-back

Namangan Water Project - NWP-12

Project site

The very large Kyzyl Ravat water plant is located at the very east of Uzbekistan in the Namangan Region between the city of Namangan with a population of over 1 Mio. & the city of Andijan with a population of about 600’000. The place is called City of Uchkurgan (Uchqo’rg’on) and directly at the border of Kyrgyzstan with a population of approx. 50’000.

Project goal

At present the disinfection of 3’000 – 4’000 m3/h drinking water is made by chlorine gas in large drums. The today’s installation is USSR origin and has reached the end of it’s lifetime. The system shall be replaced with 2 automatic lines for production of sodium hypochlorite with 0.6 – 0.8 % free chlorine. Productivity 7 kg/h per line, total 378 kg free chlorine per day. The hypochlorite will be produced out of local salt (NaCl) by electrolysis.


Supply and installation of hypochlorite plant at Kyzyl-Ravat Drinking water treatment plant (WTP)


2022 - Present


Namangan, Republic of Uzbekistan


    Services from FELA:

  • Total project according to local rules & regulations, necessary to get the building permit.

  • Reconstruction in- & outside of the existing chlorination building. New roof, windows, gates, doors. Operators room with SCADA system, social room with Kitchen. Wardrobes with toilets & showers.

  • New electrical connections to the existing transformer stations & electro distribution in the building including lighting and connections to the power panel of the production lines.

  • All new sanitary piping & equipment.

  • New epoxy floors

  • Supply & installation of a 2 fully independent sodium hypochlorite production lines each with a capacity of 168 kg activated chlorine per day (7kg/h)

  • Commissioning of the 2 lines and training for operation and maintenance of the local operators.

The building permit including expertise was received mid of August 2023. It was delayed due to the fact that new law requests additional energy saving measures and implements a delivery & installation of a photovoltaic system.
The completion of the plant including commissioning is planned for end of December 2023.



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