Syrdarya Water Supply Project

Old Pumping Station
Old Drinking Water Pumping Station in Besbulok.
Manifold Wells
The valves in the well manifold will be replaced.
Well Field
The old wells in the Beshbulok well field have to be rehabilitated.
Weld Field
Video investigation of a cleaned and rehabilitated well.


Rehabilitation of Beshbulok Pumping Station and its Wellfield


Automation, Telecontrol System and Process Instrumentation


Syrdarya Regional Production Enterprise (RPE) Suvokova

Financed by:

Government of the Swiss Confederation, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)


Holinger AG


Syrdarya, Beshbulok, Uzbekistan

Elements of Project

  • Installation of new Pumping Station incl. connection to existing pressure and suction pipes

  • 4 split case pumps (each 1'500 m3/h) and 2 Surge Vessels (each 22.5 m3)

  • Stainless Steel Piping (DN400 to DN1200) incl. Valves, Flow Meter etc.

  • New Chlorination Station

  • Regeneration and de-silting of 24 exsting wells and drilling and construction of 4 new wells

  • New submersible pumps (180m3/h), riser pipes (DN150) and construction of well boxes for all 28 wells

  • New Valve Chambers in Manifold between Wells and Reservoir (DN400 and DN800)

  • New high voltage distribution 35kV and connection to transmission lines

  • 2 new 35 kV/6 kV, 4 MVA oil-immersed transformers and medium voltage distribution 6kV

  • 2 new Transformer 6kV/400V for Pumping Station and 14 Transformer 6kV/400V for wells