Procurement of pre-insulated pipes for Tarnogrodskogo

Installed pre-instulated pipes.
Installed pre-instulated pipes.
Delivered Pre-Insulated Pipes for district heating system.


Ennergy Efficiency Vinnytsia Project: Procurement of pre-insulated system elements (pipes) and associated services for Zulinskiy (Tarnogrodskogo) district in Vinnytsia.


March 2016 - October 2016


Public Utility of Vinnytsia City Council "VinnytsiaMiskTeploEnergo"

Financed by:

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)


Pöyry, Zurich, Switzerland


Vinnytsia, Tarnogrodskogo, Ukraine

Elements of Project

  • 15’454 m Steel pre-insulated pipes for underground laying

  • 478 m Polyethylene pre-insulated pipes

  • 532 m SPIRO pipes for on-ground laying

  • 115 m non insulated steel pipes

  • 55 m Steel pipes with "heavy duty" type insulation

  • Review and approvalof pipe stress calculation

  • Training for installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and repairs

  • Supervision of the goods assembly on site and of the commissioning

  • Local insulatation with polyurethane foam and end insulation

  • Installation, testing and commissioning of the leakage monitoring system.